YES, TRUE DESTINY…. April 2014

I have been asked over and over again as to why a Thai restaurant in Revere and how did this happen. My answer as you will read has always been about “destiny”. Pure and simple “DESTINY”! Let me share our story. Back in early September 2013, my better half(as I have always believed) or “PK” was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Pk and I had been together for 23 incredible years and this was like a shell shock given this information. I believe it is one thing being diagnosed with cancer but “terminal” really?? What and how do you get yourself ready for this adventure? Well without getting into all the details we both decided to take this ride together and make every moment count. So we just decided for the last hurrah was open this restaurant eh? WRONG! This was never, never on our radar screen, honest! About 6 weeks after the diagnosis and already into full swing with MGH and treatments, we received a call from our Thai friend Nina thinking we might be interested in this location to open a Thai restaurant. To be honest with everyone at the time, I did not see this as a possibility but did not want to walk into this being negative. I wanted PK to have a chance to say yes or no….I was keeping my mouth shut… we made our drive here from Natick. PK and I were pretty sure that this was not going to happen. I was operating another hectic business and taking care of my better half and as many of you can imagine… extremely difficult time adjusting and NOW a restaurant? I remember I was taping one of my TV shows and I made the announcement on air that we decided to go forward with a Thai restaurant and it was going to be in Revere and if you could have seen the expression on my producer’s face….totally priceless….hysterical….comical. When PK and I walked through the front door of this establishment we both were as usual in synch!! OMG, honey this can work and I said yes…not too big and not too small…manageable but lots of renovations. Our reaction was as exciting as when we bought our first home!!


PK sat at home and worked as best he could with all the chemo treatments to put together the menu you are now looking at and ordering from this day. A majority of the recipes are because of Korn’s, mother who also owned and operated a street vendor cart in Bua Yai outside of Korat City. As you meet me you should be able to recognize that I am not Thai, but my background is French Cuisine and being with Korn and back & forth to Thailand all these years makes me feel very Thai and have a great love and respect for the culture and all the food offerings including items we will never serve to the American public as of this moment. Perhaps in the future you will be ready for that opportunity……I will watch you closely, ok? Pakorn passed away on May 15, 2014. His love and his spirit still travel with me and everyday is a main event for Maekha Thai. Korn’s friend in Thailand designed our logo and also came up with the name of our restaurant. Maekha is a region in Thailand with a population of about 2500 people. “Maekha” translated into english means “bringing goods and services to market”….exactly what we are doing for you here. We are truly AUTHENTIC and have not Americanized any of the menu. Yes, truly destiny that we would even consider a restaurant and then to be in Revere where we did no scouting to see if there were any Thai restaurants in the neighborhood and surrounding towns…..DESTINY… We have been blessed spiritually…..more than this short story is telling. I have given everything up to be here to be a good servant and follow through with my commitment to my Thai family and of course PK…Chef PK…

Thank You PK….All my love to you and the family !

“Moi”, Chef Lou September 20, 2014